Advanced Prototype III ✥

Tuesday, December 8th

Exploration of how to make a strong seam with the plastic fabric
Inflating plastic fabric; Music: Blue Dream by Cheel, YouTube Audio Licence Library
Taking into consideration which areas of the body feel breath the most & translating to our wearable

Wednesday, December 9th

A quick visual summary of our process; paper to plastic to wearable
Creating the inflatable plastic wearable; Music: Best Horizon, Gone by The Westerlies, YouTube Audio Licence Library
A compilation of sounds created with the wearable and the pumps

Sounds from Video

Mentoring Feedback

Thursday, December 10th

Putting all the pieces together to make our advanced prototype III
Finished advanced prototype III

Friday, December 11th

Interaction Design students from the Zurich University of the Arts documenting their process during the Embodied Interaction module.